British House of Lords: the sale of arms to Riyadh is illegal

The British commission of international relations within the House of Lords noted Saturday the lack of independent investigations on the use of Saudi Arabia of the weapons that he sells the United Kingdom. The commission said that surveys taken into account were insufficient and emanated mainly from Saudi authorities. She also described the military operations of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia of “savages”. The weapons used in these operations indeed cause significant losses in the ranks of civilians. In its report, the commission called on the British Government to immediately condemn violations of international humanitarian law perpetrated by the coalition led by Riyadh.

In this sense, the commission has recommended the Executive to suspend arms sales to some Member countries of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia, expressing its grave concerns about the use of these weapons. The implementation of the recommendations of the report of the commission is not required for the British Government. Its advisory role, however, pressure is on the Government than on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. British arms in Riyadh sales amounted to 6 billion dollars in 2015. A certain ambiguity hangs over the total cost of these transactions because of their confidentiality. The Yemen is torn over four years by a war between Government forces supported by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the Houthis. This war has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world according to the United Nations Organization.r

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Source TRT traduction by Karwan Rachid

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