Morocco – 15 dead in a stampede in the area of Essaouira

At least 15 people were killed and five other injured Sunday in a stampede during the distribution of food aid in the region of Essaouira (West), official source announced That The drama took place in the town called Sidi Boulaalam (about 60 km North-East of Essaouira).

 The fact emphasized by the Interior Ministry in a statement, without specifying the exact circumstances of this scramble. Local media reported that a “responsible” had organized in the morning food aid operation in a shop of this rural community. But he quickly was “overwhelmed by the crowd”, composed of some 800 people, mainly women. An investigation was opened to “determine the circumstances of the incident and establish responsibilities,” according to the Moroccan authorities.

Intervention of the King

 The Ministry of the Interior announced that King Mohammed VI had given his instructions to “provide assistance and support to the families of the victims and the wounded”. The King also decided to “take charge personally burial expenses and funeral of the victims and the care of the injured”, according to the same source.

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