The war has done 270,000 displaced in Syria during the winter

More than 270,000 Syrians have fled the fighting in the provinces of Idleb and Hama, in the North-West of the country, between rebel and Government forces since the end of December, said a senior official of the United Nations.

Camps that must accommodate these displaced persons exceeded their capacity, which force many people to settle in one of the 160 to Idleb makeshift camps, said Ursula Mueller, Assistant General Secretary of affairs humanitarian, to the Security Council. “During these wet and cold winter months, many families have nothing else than an improvised shelter, tent that they must share with others,” she said. “Air strikes and fighting in the South North of Hama and Idlib forced more than 270,000 people from December 15”, stressed Ms. Mueller, adding that for the month of December 16 hospitals and clinics have been attacked.

Blocking of humanitarian aid

Ms. Mueller also stated before the Counselor that the Syrian authorities had blocked humanitarian convoys in January after giving passage to two convoys for the month to areas difficult to access precedent. Access to other regions of the Syria is also hindered by local authorities who have requested adjustments in the Northeast.

These new obstacles to the delivery of aid and medicines appeared after the visit of Mark Lowcock, the boss of humanitarian assistance to the United Nations. More than 13.1 million Syrians need humanitarian aid including 6.1 million IDPs in the country.

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