Will these mafias who hide behind associations be free without punishment

Normally the decision to give to a charity is so easy, but the hardest part is to which associations one can give such assistance? Given the number of charity NGOS in and outside Morocco, make the choice of an association appropriate to receive the elusive generous donations collected in Europe very laborious and equivocal.  Choosing to support neighborhood association or one which is abroad?  Supporting a famous association or that which has just started?  How can one be sure that his donation goes to its true ends?

Let us take the example of the Ralimar association which, according to our newspaper’s sources, was behind sending medical equipments, clothes and carpets in December 2016 as a donation collected in Belgium by residents of Moroccan to needy and poor cities and villages of Morocco. The deal orchestrated by Mr Abdelkader MOKHTAR and Ms. Najat SAADOUN in Belgium and Dr. Idris MHAWER representing the national cooperative at AZILAL, in Morocco.

As soon as, Aljalia-news has received procreations from some victims, who criticize the way of distribution of these products. Aljalia News moved on to be on the place to make contacts with the concerned parties, the competent authorities, including the Prosecutor, the Council of the community and the Hassan II Foundation to try to dissect the case.

Despite the sensitivity of this issue, our team investigated the persons or the party who received the container from the port of Casablanca, and we were able to reach the responsible part in Morocco, who supervised the delivery process and the distribution and it turns out that the equipment was sent to the Dr.Laila who coordinated with some actors in Belgium for the distribution of medical materials in the places where there are needy patients since she knows the economic situation of this areas.

We also found that the national cooperation of the city of Azilal has contributed to facilitate the logistics of the operation: the transit from the port of Casablanca to then distribute their content to the needy.

Following our investigation, and in parallel with the preliminary report, we found out that there are a lot of violations and transgressions stained this operation.  We also found that a delegate of the national cooperation Mr. Idris Zmhauer who did not distribute all the equipments and who received from Dr. Layla the sum of DH 2000, considered as the costs of transport and storage of these materials in a store of cooperative for nearly a year without contacting those who are concerned with this affair.

On the other hand, Dr. Laila zmahai, declared that she tried hardly to contact him to receive the rest of materials as was planned, but in vain.

When we have contacted Mr. Idris, he tried to deny the fact that he received the medical materials and declared that the container contained only clothes and sewing machines. But after that our correspondent has showed the cart that shows the statement of Dr. Laila Zmahi, he acknowledges that he kept the rest of materials in the store of the delegation of national cooperation.

According to our correspondent to Azilal, Ms. Jalila Sadek, journalists and social militant, who emphasized the fact that the affair was fraudulent and the operation knows of the deliberate violations, contrary to its charitable objectives as the needy have received nothing despite the fact that our correspondent has multiplied her attempt to reach the responsible, especially Mr. Idris Mhawar, that has kept the rest of the products without giving an answer.

The more as we go far in this file, further violations have emerged. Here in Belgium, The part that has sent the container from Belgium does not care for necessarily documents and who did not follow the course of the operation from A to Z.  This part, who tries to get rid of his responsibility from this affair. This part that, was not able to control their shipment and know its destination.

Does the role and responsibility of the NGOS stops in collecting donations, and stocks in a bank account and to receive funds and send it to the Morocco to embellish their image? Or must the NGOS follow in a professional manner to conclude their ‘noble’ goal and the arrival of the equipment to its true destination.

Will -the authorities such as the minister of immigrant and the governor of the city of Azilal-, interfere and open a legal investigation to punish the corrupted. Or will these mafias who hide behind associations be free without punishment.

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