Moroccans torn between discrimination, imprisonments, deportations; -and the silence of concerned authorities and NGO

It seems that a majority of arrests, imprisonments and deportations are currently reserved for Moroccans in Belgium. The Foreign Office again seems to target the Moroccans, and this, after the Guineans, the Albanians, Kosovars and so many others before. People of Moroccan origin currently abound in Belgian detention centers. They are arrested during raids or at their home. They are being deported quickly thanks to a close collaboration between our Ministers, the Foreign Office, the Morocco Embassy and the airline Air Morocco.

They are of all ages, in Belgium sometimes for several decades. Any argument is good to provide them with an order to leave the territory: ‘criminal’ record, ‘white wedding’ suspicion, suspicion of work in black, suspicion of… Many have worked for years after a regularization and with a work permit: the Agency will seek the small kwak in their lives to issue them an OQT: thus a 42 years arrived in Belgium in 2009, is married to a Belgian in 2010 , and worked for many years, bought a House, a car! He is accused of white wedding in 2016 because the couple divorced! He was arrested and locked up for deportation. He thought he was a good “integrated citizen.” There, he wondered what mean ‘citizen’ and ‘integrated ‘!

Isn’t the real reason that this gentleman cannot work and will no longer produce? Indeed, he became very ill following a work demanding for years, suffering from diabetes, a herniated disc very disabling, and severe respiratory failure requiring an oxygen pump on a daily basis. Tell your friends about these new migrants with or without papers, with or without job hunts, orchestrated by Secretary of State to asylum and Migration Theo Francken.



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