Relations between Rabat and Algiers at a standstill because of the Sahara

<strongThe Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser pointed said that relationships between the Morocco and the Algeria are at a standstill, specifying that “relations with the Algeria don’t know no evolution” for years. The deterioration of relations between Rabat and Algiers is consecutive to the dispute around the Moroccan Sahara and the determination of the Algerian leaders to defend lost causes of the Polisario that they have created from scratch at the time of the cold war and they continue to support arm the body, in order to weaken the Moroccan neighbor and impose their leadership in the region.
In an interview published Monday by the magazine Jeune Afrique, the Moroccan Foreign Minister lamented the lack of cooperation at all levels between the two countries. Nasser Bobby said in this connection that “no (the Algerians) bilateral visit to Morocco for more than seven years. Coordination is at a standstill at all levels. The meetings of the Arab Maghreb Union stand more and the Maghreb remains the least integrated region of the continent.” Accusing leaders of Algiers, the multiplication of diplomatic and media campaigns embittered against the Morocco since the announcement of the return of the Kingdom within the African Union in January 2017, the Minister said he was still willing to work with all the countries not hostile, even if they inherited positions of a bygone era on the Moroccan Sahara.
The Moroccan Minister also returned on the Morocco to join the economic community of the States of the West Africa (ECOWAS), stating that after the agreement in principle of the Member States for this membership, “we are the legal phase. A stage of technical negotiations will follow. And the Minister added that “we are in touch with the ECOWAS commission in the context of the Lomé Summit (expected in December”, ensuring that the “geographic” controversy has never really held. He recalled in this connection, that the response of the heads of State of ECOWAS, on 4 June, the Royal letter of February 23, translated a conviction shared by the Kingdom and the fifteen members of the Community membership of the Morocco will be beneficial for all.

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