In Sweden. migrant children were the target of a racist attack

Afghan children refugees in Sweden, protesting outside the Office for migration, have been the target of a racist attack in Stockholm
The management of the safety of Stockholm spokesperson, Asa Wallentin did know that flammable projectiles were launched on migrant children and added that three children were slightly wounded.

Ahmad Rahimi, one of Afghan protesters, who made a statement to the circulation Swedish Expressen newspaper, said they had shown with a group of 100 people against the office of migration which has refused asylum to Afghan children arrived without parents.
“A group of people came suddenly to us. ‘” Clarified Ahmed, Mohamed. “Go away migrants” they shouted and shoot us with bombs. We have friends who have been injured,”said Rahimi, stating that a group of 20 to 30 racist had attacked them.
An investigation was opened on the racist attack.

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