Abdelmajid Dolmy, forever in the memory

The Moroccan football world paid tribute Friday to the Mozart of the Raja and the football national, Abdelmajid Dolmy, who died Thursday at the age of 64. Players, federation, clubs, artists and simple anonymous citizens welcomed the human qualities of the player who has managed to remain discreet his life while being a great artist on the ground.
“If he observes a silence on his projects, his entourage, his idols, he is not less that it becomes very chatty, even eloquent, on the field of play. He was speaking quite satisfactorily on a field. His ball to the foot ease was matched only by its vista that encompasses all of the land. His teammates know how this extraordinary player could locate them even without what they call it. Will receive the ball who is the best or who’ll wear the danger in the opposing camp. They didn’t need to remember in his memory. Even before touching the ball, Dolmy already had in mind all his teammates and their location “, wrote our colleague Mustapha Abou Ibadallah, on the columns of the ‘morning’ in a tribute that the association”Friends of the Ghiwane”visited him in 2005. An eloquent testimony that identified the personality of the maestro. Shy and reserved, Dolmy remains not a great artist.
TR.Rachid Karawan

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