Festival ” Cities” celebrates the city of Casablanca

Brussels, Friday 2/02/2018: The opening day of the great Festival of citied celebrating the great city Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco. Many artistic activities would be scheduled during these days.

The first day launched by the ambassador of Morocco Mohamed Amer together with Mr. Ben Atiq, minister in charge of migration and the Great Duchy of Luxembourg and other Moroccan and Belgian personalities from the world of culture and the arts.

In his words, Mr. the minister points out the choice of Casablanca as the core of celebration is meaningful and of merit. He explains that the city Casablanca is in constant change and knows an express evolution to become an economic and financial orientation. It is a city which is able to link its past to its future.

 For his part, the Director of the Festival ” Mohamed aikobâan choosing Casablanca to be guest of honor of this session came as it represents the heartbeat of modern and contemporary Morocco.

In her turn, Mrs Karen Lalliot Brussels Deputy Mayor in charge of culture and tourism, the Belgian capital supports for this initiative, which focuses on culture for promoting dialogue and other recognition.  She added that the artists introduce their countries, and that Brussels would remain a multicultural city welcoming everyone

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