A fake imam daechiste, spy Israel, arrested in Libya Libyan

Authorities proceeded to the arrest of a fake imam who claimed to be named Abu Hafs. After a long interrogation, it turns Israeli nationality and that he was carrying a false identity. His real name is BENJAMIN Israem; He is a member of the section of the arabised, a branch of the Mossad specializes in spying on Arab and Muslim countries. The authorities have added that the spy had managed to infiltrate the Organization of ISIS before returning to Libya where he became imam of a mosque. According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, the spy was able to integrate into society and to create an independent ISIS cell, composed of a hundred armed elements and made several attempts at penetration in Egypt through the Egyptian border. Furthermore, this organization is regarded as the bloodiest in Libya. It had threatened to move the war inside of the the Egypt under the slogan “The Egypt Liberation”, according to the same newspaper.

Source : Al Jadeed tv/arabic

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