Chile Reiterates Support for Morocco’s Territorial Integrity, Chilean Deputy

Chile reiterates its support for Morocco’s territorial integrity, said, on Wednesday in Rabat, Claudia Andrea Nogueira Fernandez, chairwoman of the Chile-Morocco friendship parliamentary group, on a visit to the Kingdom along with an important delegation.

Chile has always supported Morocco’s territorial integrity over the Sahara, said Nogueira Fernandez in a statement to MAP following a meeting with chairman of the Royal Advisory Council on Saharan Affairs (CORCAS) Khalihenna Ould Errachid.

The Chilean deputy described the Sahara autonomy plan, which was submitted by Morocco, as a serious and credible proposal to reach a solution to this dispute, adding that the meeting with CORCAS head helped the delegation members to get informed about the latest developments of the Sahara issue.

Nogueira Fernandez and the accompanying delegation met earlier with head of government Abdelilah Benkirane and speaker of the house of advisors Abdelhakim Benchamach.

MAP 18 January 2017

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