Polisario fears Washington’s anger after signing of anti-Trump petition

The polisario has seemingly messed it up so badly with Washington, after the representative of the separatist front in Havana, Maa Al Aynine, signed a petition against the American president Donald Trump, part of the “No More Trump” campaign launched by Venezuela earlier this month.

The Polisario leaders are anxious to have angered the US President, especially that they know that Washington views unfavorably the close relations the Algeria-backed front has with the Maduro regime in Venezuela and with Cuba.

Some see in the signing by the polisario of this petition a response to the revelations made, at the beginning of August, by the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal affirming that the United States does not consider the independence of the Sahara as an option for the settlement of this regional dispute.

The prestigious American daily quoted US officials who are closely following the Sahara issue as saying that the United States had “made it clear that Washington would not support a plan that leads to a new African nation.”

The Wall Street Journal also noted that the United States supports Morocco in its efforts to find a definitive outcome to this conflict, based on the Autonomy Plan as a compromise solution.

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