The regional African retreat on migration to fix the 2018 agenda

To develop a common approach to the governance of migration, representatives of all regions of Africa take part in “the regional African retreat on  migration” organized at the initiative of the Morocco. Goal: prepare a common African vision to defend within the 2018 agenda which is very charged regarding the issue of migration.

His Majesty the King Mohammed VI has been designated as a leader on migration by the President of the AU, Alpha Conde. As a result, the Morocco wants to redouble our efforts to implement the strategies optimized around the issue of migration. It is in this framework that the Morocco organizes “the regional African retreat on Migration”, which started yesterday in Skhirate and which brings together African States to develop a common vision and a roadmap agreed to consider at the next Summit of the heads of States of the African Union (AU).

The opening meeting of the work of this conclave, the only session open to the press, was an opportunity to revisit the importance of this event through the speeches of three senior officials. It is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation, Nasser pointed, the Minister of State for security and civil protection of Guinea, Abdoul kabélé Camara (representing the president of the AU, Alpha Conde) and the representative Special to the Secretary-General of the United Nations for migration, Louise Arbour.

Nasser pointed said that the choice of his Majesty the King, as a leader on migration is primarily a recognition of the personal commitment of the sovereign and his deep conviction for the emergence of the African continent, as an actor of peace, stability and development. “Following the pan-African mandate, his Majesty the King put the first milestones of an African agenda on migration the 29th summit of the heads of State and Government of the African Union, lately on July 3.

The sovereign in fact presented to the heads of African States, a preliminary note, which sets out a vision for an African Agenda for migration before giving a detailed document, at the next Summit, in January 2018. It is in this perspective that the Organization of a regional retreat, in order to receive the contribution of the States, the contribution of researchers, and the added value of civil society, while benefiting from the perspective of renowned personalities who are authoritative in the matter”, he said.


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