“American Peace Caravan” in Rabat for the promotion of coexistence and tolerance.

The work of the conference “American Peace Caravan” began, in Rabat on Tuesday, under the titel of promoting the values of peace and of coexistence between the monotheistic religions and fight against extremism and violence in the world. Organized by the Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs, in partnership with the “Forum for peace in Muslim society” (Forum for Peace), under the high patronage of King Mohammed VI, this tour is held with the participation  of the United Arab Emirates. And that of  the Marrakesh Declaration on the rights of religious minorities, with the participation of Imams, pastors and rabbis from the United States and the Arab world.
Speaking at the opening of this conference, the Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Toufiq went through reforms of the religious field in Morocco, under the leadership of Mohammed VI, including on the backup of the constants nuns and the framing of religious workers, in accordance with the values and goals of Islam, particularly in terms of freedom, justice and respect for the other.

Stressing the importance of medium Islam, as a means of promotion of the spirit of tolerance, Mr. Toufiq has focused on the major challenges faced by religious officials, in their capacity as guarantors of the constant nuns, pointing out that the cause of peace for all the wise people in the world. There, in this sense, noted that any diagnosis problems to solve passes through analysis of extremism in all its forms, arguing for the mutual understanding and solidarity as the only way to improve the fate of human beings and preserve his humanity.

This conference is part of the process of implementation of the Marrakesh Declaration on the rights of religious minorities, he said, focusing on the content of the Message sent by the King mohammed VI to the Marrakech conference, which is a historical document.   For his part, the president of the Forum for peace in Muslim society, Shaykh Abd’Allah Bin Bayyah stressed that the Marrakesh Declaration called the different religions to focus on rights and freedoms and to deal with hate speech, pleading for an effective struggle against hatred and extremism instrumentalise religion.   Similarly, Mr. Bin Bayyah stressed the imperative to promote the principles of tolerance and dedicate the coexistence between religions, stating that this meeting is an opportunity to discuss ways to implement the Marrakesh Declaration, which is a vindication of the rights of religious minorities and a call for tolerance.

In their wake, the representatives of the three monotheistic religions have pleaded for strengthening of the spirit of cooperation and openness to the other, in the context of respect for freedom of religion, calling to be inspired by the principles of the Declaration of Marrakech, in order to work together to promote peace and coexistence. Organized for three days, the conference is an event that brings together the religious leaders of all Abrahamic faiths to promote peace in the world and combat hatred and extremism. In the program, include discussions and reflections on the need for a union between the leaders of all the Abrahamic religions to deal with extremism and violence that spread in the world in the name of religion.


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