Fouad Ahidar is worried to see further discrimination appear in the middle of the sport

The MP Fouad Ahidar is concerned with the declaration produced by the Panathlon N.G.O and is concerned that she might serve as a tool to discriminate against minorities in the sports sphere as a result of the conferences “sport, the spirit of humanity” which took place in the Parliament of the French community on October 6, 2016 and to the Senate of Belgium on 31 March, N.G.O Panathlon produced a declaration which was signed by the representatives in many instances.

As a result of the following paragraph: “each practitioner is rich with its own values, philosophies of life of belonging, when participating in activities objects of this statement, he or she accepts as soon as he or she walks through the doors or between in. space ‘sport’, without exception, during the exercise of his practice, to adopt and comply with the rules of the sport, in the broad sense, without highlighting its philosophical belief of way ostentatious and intolerant, in any way whatsoever ‘, Fouad Ahidar pulls the alarm indicating that such a paragraph can be interpreted in many ways and that it could serve as a tool to prevent access to the sport at hundreds of the religious minorities.

Invite women and men from minorities to become involved in the sports sphere precisely should be done without any form of exclusion. He added that sporting values must be entirely inclusive and that they are in no way incompatible with any religious sign.

He regretted that a clear lexicon is not attached to a paragraph as important since there is nothing to determine in this statement which is the ostentatious and intolerant character. “That means in these ostentatious and intolerant cases?

Who determines or defines the excessive nature of a philosophical belief? Who can judge this, and which marks the limit? These are all questions to which it is not possible to answer the reading of this declaration, which for my part is very serious.

“I ‘m still however waiting for a clear answers” he says. According to him, this is an open door to discrimination because the convictions signs are often referred to as ostentatious signs. “Women who want to keep their scarves during sports activities, Christians who decide to keep their cross, Sikhs wearing a turban, Jews eager to wear the yarmulke, by conviction, all of these people are likely to be discriminate because the definition of a sign ostentatious and intolerant will be left to the discretion of the sports club having decided to apply this statement”.

The Member wishes to clarify the objective of the various religious bodies who have signed this statement and the sense that they grant to it. They also surprised that the Executive of the Muslims of Belgium has not been more vigilant on the terms of this Charter. Although the Executive had been contacted and he says no exclusive definition for these terms, Fouad Ahidar regret their lack of attention on this issue and found serious that such a forum could sign a statement on which flat one such ambiguity.

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