Rencontre à Ankara entre des journalistes maghrébins et des officiels turcs La Turquie souhaite établir des relations de confiance avec les pays du Maghreb

Journalists, press publishers and the media professionals of the Maghreb, who came out of the Morocco and the Algeria of the Tunisia, were invited, Monday in Ankara to meet with Turkish officials. The goal is to explore the possibilities of cooperation in the field of the press and information as well as to inquire about the policies of the Turkey at the regional and global levels

A delegation of 15 journalists was received on the morning of Monday last by Mehmet Akarca, Director general of press and information from the Prime Minister. In commenting on a photo exhibit tracing the history of the Turkey during the last 50 years, the Turkish Manager gave a historical overview on his country. A more than eventful history, “enameled on average every 10 years since 1961 of military coups which were concluded by the arrest and trial of Heads of State, or even by executions”, recalls former journalist and ex-Deputy. He explains that the Turkey, which hosts 2.7 million Syrian refugees, is the country that has the most refugees in the world

Indeed, the Turkey has created several shelters in 10 of its provinces, in which 300,000 refugees are hosted. The amount spent on refugees is greater than $ 8 billion. Other camps were set up across the border in Syria. 160,000 people live. Reminder, Maghreb journalists’s visit comes at a time when the Turkish Government decided to extend the State of emergency for a period of three months. The Turkey has decreed a State of emergency on July 20, 2016, a few days after the attempt of coup allegedly hatched by the preacher in the United States, Fethullah Gülen, accused by Ankara of having been the mastermind of the attempt of overthrowing of 15 July 2016

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