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Sudan: Birth of the triplet Recep and Tayyip Erdogan
Following the mother the name of the Turkish president stands for the baraka and blessing.
The Sudanese David Mohamed Salah gave birth to three babies called Recep Tayyip and Erdogan. The triplet is the name of the Turkish president, so loved by the young mother.
Married for five years with Ishmael Salah, David gave birth the second day of Eid el-Fitr in the turco-Sudanese Hospital of Nyala, city, in the West of Sudan. “I know the Turkish president. It was he who gave the order to build the hospital in Sudan. I address him my thanks for this generous service ‘, she said.
And add: “the Hospital offers medical services of quality and great support. I don’t want to go out that after be assured me that my three babies are doing like a charm, because at home I don’t have the means available here.”
The father did, on his side, to express his gratitude to the head of the Turkish State who “offers, he said, services to all Muslims regardless of their races.
“I hope that my children will be in the image of the holder of the name and that they meet president Erdogan during his visit to the Sudan”.
Karawan Rachid

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